Sunday, January 24, 2010

On A Mission

Living by the rules of a food allergy are hard. Sometimes I wonder if its a little bit harder for me since it also impinges on a beloved hobby of mine, baking.
I love scratch baking. I have binders and books and all sorts of loose pages floating around with tempting recipes on them. I even Xeroxed all my mother's recipe index cards after she died, and I'm slowly adding every one to my own recipe book as I make them.
So to make a long posting short, I'm on a mission to make a decent chocolate chip cookie. Cakes I've duplicated without much fuss, icings are pretty easy, I have a slew of pie and cobbler recipes we can all enjoy, but the one sticking point is making chocolate chip cookies. The few tries I attempted at just converting the regular recipes to Scootch-friendly usually ended up in disaster. This last batch I attemped using my beloved recipe from Alton Brown yielded chocolate chip potato chips, because they were so thin and crunchy.

Not that Scootch minded ;-)

And the last recipe I used for Christmas was a tasty cookie, but not exactly what I would deem a good chocolate chip. The flavor and texture were more brown sugar blondie than nice flour batter based cookie. Although Monkey was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process.

So I recently acquired another vegan recipe from my cousin, and I'm ready to try again. Let's see if the fifth time is the charm!

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