Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gifts of Motherhood

The Monkey is a talented kiddo. She's bright and (usually) articulate when she isn't pretending to be a puppy dog or talking in her i-ey babble (which involves adding an "ey" to the end of every word. It sounds something like "Mommy I-ey wanty juicy pleasey"). The Mr. Hyde side of this is that she's very headstrong and independent. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. And she can get very stubborn about the 'getting' part of it, as in she wants to do it herself.
I'm sure you've already seen exhibit one above. That was the gift she left us for Valentine's Day. Apparently having an accident wasn't worth waking us up for. She just decided she'd clean it up herself with an entire roll of toilet paper.
Now I do admit I'm at least half to blame for this. Her entire life I've tried to teach her how to do things herself so she would establish a good foundation of self worth and self reliance. This is coming back to bite me now that she's decided age 3 1/2 is only a step away from getting her own apartment.
But I've decided I'm just going to try and ride this out. If I truly want to give her all the rewards a gift of knowing the breadth of her self reliance can bring, she's going to have to learn her limits at the same time.
And Mommy is just going to stock up on Mostenbockers.


  1. you taught her to be timely with her gift giving as well. A post that others would have made negative, you gave the most positive spin... thankey for makey me smiley this AMey.

  2. I'm glad I clicked over to find you have started up a blog.

    And, your 3.5 year old is head strong? Hmmm...mine is never like that...HA! There's lots of sarcasm there if you couldn't tell!

  3. Thanks Krystyn! What can I say, I've had a few great blog examples for inspiration.
    I'm thinking the stubbornness must be linked in with the hair. ;-)

  4. This is going to make for eeeeexcellent blackmail one day... say at about age 16?? lol!