Monday, March 1, 2010

And So It Goes

The event in review went like this. My wonderful cousin called me weeks ahead of time with the planned menu so I could contact the restaurant and find out what was safe for Scootch to eat. I made a list of everything that he could have and clipped it to the invitation.

4:15pm, the day of the party. I've fed him beforehand and packed alternatives for him to eat and drink.

7pm, the soup came. Not the same as what I remembered discussing with the party planner ahead of time, but she did assure me there was only egg products in two of the flavors they offered, and the one they served didn't look like either of them. So he enjoyed the soup.

7:30pm, the salad came, and I ordered a separate one for Scootch with only oil and vinegar on it so he could pick out and devour all the tomatoes.

8:15pm, his dinner came. A completely allergy friendly burger and fries, and he barely ate any of it. It was bedtime at this point so I didn't push it.

9pm, the cake was served. Monkey enjoyed it, but Scootch ate double stuff Oreos instead. He also consumed his entire juice cup, a glass of water, 3 cups of tea, and a glass of milk over the course of the evening.

10:30pm, I changed them into pajamas and we drove home. They managed to keep their eyes open for all of 15 minutes.

2am, Scootch wakes up crying. Daddy sucks out his nose and puts him back in bed.

2:20am, he's crying again. I recognize this cry. Pain. I stumble into their room and try to sooth him. He falls back asleep for a moment and I go into the bathroom to try and find the Mylicon.

2:30am, he's back awake, screaming. Bring him into the bathroom and give him the Mylicon. Hold him against me and rub circles on his tummy.

3:15am, he falls asleep, and the gas rumbling has tapered off. I go lay in my bed on top of the covers in my bathrobe to rest until he wakes up again.

3:45am, he's awake. More swinging and tummy cirlces. I'm rewarded with a few passes of gas and a burp. Scootch whispers to me that he has gone "poop", so I change his diaper. No poop, but very wet. He's soaked through his pajama bottoms so I change those too.

4:15am, I've spent the last half hour laying on the floor next to his crib with his throw blanket covering my feet. He has been periodically waking and whimpering, but I keep patting his back through the crib rails where I'm reaching in. More gas is passed, and he settles back down.

5:00am, I realize he's been sleeping for 45 minutes, and will probably continue to do so. I retreat back to my own bed.

9:15am, morning. They're both singing in their room about the sun and oatmeal. Time to start the day.

Did I plan beforehand? Yes.
Did he eat something not allergy friendly? The only thing I wasn't 100% on was the soup.
Did he still have an adverse reaction? Yes.
But we managed. And if the worst reaction he ever has is gas, then thank you for the gas. We'll just get through these nights one event at a time.

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  1. How scary that could have been...glad it was just gas this time.