Friday, April 23, 2010

Up and Down

I love my Mother in Law. And I don't mean that facetiously. She's funny, and truthful, and sometimes she's losing her mind, but we love her anyway. (I'm convinced Me-Ma is Monkey's favorite person on the entire planet.) She is also the first one I turn to for advice since my own mother isn't here. My Mother in Law has talked me down from many a metaphorical ledge in the past.

So when she called me last Tuesday in a panic about Scootch, I convinced myself to stay calm and return the favor.

Tuesday morning I dropped off Monkey and Scootch to Me-Ma's as usual and then was off to work. The cell phone rang before I even got to my destination. My MIL was frantic, asking me what Scootch first signs of an allergic reaction were. Apparently, she was finishing her breakfast when I dropped off the kiddos, and Scootch asked for a bite of her cereal. He had almost 3 spoonfuls before she remembered there was some granola mixed in with her Cheerios. Granola with almonds.

We went through the signs of a reaction and the protocol for what medicines she needed to use if he did react. I also called every couple of hours to see how he was doing. But the miraculous thing is that he didn't have a reaction at all. Peanut allergic Scootch, who has been ordered to avoid all other nuts as a general rule, doesn't seem to be allergic to almonds.

I'm hopeful after such a happy accident as this.

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  1. Thank goodness he is okay..and good to know that almonds aren't on his list.

    About the cups, we haven't had any mold problems with the playtex cups. We use jetdry and heat when drying in the dishwasher..maybe that helps. I haven't tried any of the Nalgene cups. Thanks for the tip.