Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things to Remember

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows. ~John Betjeman

Little Bear is growing up way too fast. The camera is full of pictures of him, because I'm just so scared I'm going to forget all of this. I can barely remember how we fast forwarded to this point from a snuggly newborn. But I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things.

Little Bear and Ghia at their favorite hang out.

Silly brothers playing their silly games together.
The face. Whenever you catch him doing something wrong and tell him "no," your penalty is this pouty little mug.
Grippy toes. He eats like this everyday. We've discussed taking the tray off and just having him eat from the table, but to be honest, I'd miss this too much.
He's 15 months old today. I know all too soon we'll be at 18 months old. And from then on it will be a fast trip downhill to two years old. I can't slow it down, but I can max out the memory card on the camera all I want.

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