Monday, January 16, 2012

"Not Cool"

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor. ~Author Unknown

I'm a mom. By definition that means I have kids. The hidden clause in that definition includes short order cook, nurse, seamstress, washwoman, maid, tutor, chauffeur, handwoman/valet, and my least favorite - barber.

I cut everyone's hair in the house except my own. (Hubby gets that awesome job!) And as much as its fun, the experience leaves something to be desired. Its nothing but screaming and tears when the buzz clippers come out, and usually Daddy has to bodily restrain anyone when I'm using the hair scissors so I don't accidentally poke someone in the eye or the neck when I'm trying to trim their hair. So this year, the family took pity on me and bought me a RoboCut for Christmas. The one stipulation was that I had to record the first time I used it on the boys, so any fear-filled reaction would be recorded for posterity. Today was my first time trying it out, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. Scootch and Little Bear pouted and complained, but there weren't many actual tears.

However, Scootch's summarized review of the experience made me laugh out loud, so I thought I would share.

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  1. Looks easy peasy! No tears, no blood. I'd call it a success!